Skellefteå has a strong tradition of entrepreneurship originating in the rich natural resources - forests, metals and river. Even though companies operate in diverse fields, one thing that is unique is how the local business always have understod the value of collaboration in order to create something that is bigger and better than the sum of its parts. 

It is the same spirit that has led to the collaboration that is Showroom Skellefteå - a joint effort to showcase the new industrial area developing in Skellefteå.

Come visit some of Europe's most exiting green projects and find out why Skellefteå is the hotspot for innovation, growth and sustainable development.

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Holmen’s business is built around the forest ecocycle and the renewable products we can create from it. Our business areas are Forest, Renewable Energy, Wood Products, Paperboard and Paper. With a workforce of 3 300 people, we create value for shareholders, customers and society. We generate sales of around SEK 16 billion and our shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap.


Skellefteå Kraft was founded in 1906 and is one of Sweden’s five largest electricity producers and the largest of Sweden’s municipality-owned power companies. 3 772 GWh of electricity was produced in 2019, with a major part coming from northern hydropower and wind power as well as from renewable sources. Skellefteå Kraft is fully owned by the municipality of Skellefteå and is living proof of the importance of endurance when growing a renewing society.

For more than 90 years, Boliden has been exploring, extracting and processing base metals and precious metals. Our production is based on experience, innovation and modern technology, developed in collaboration with Nordic technology and engineering companies. Today, we are an industry leader in terms of sustainable metal production from deposits to recycling used metals. 


Skellefteå is a city in north Sweden.

Skellefteå Science City offers a favourable environment with already established ecosystems fostering innovation and start-ups. The mission is to develop the regional innovation system. This includes attracting new organisations to Skellefteå, such as established institutions and innovation support, along with incubators and investors. Skellefteå Science City also stimulates and creates channels for collaboration with other regions, both nationally and internationally.

Arctic Business is Sweden's northernmost incubator. We operate in northern Sweden — an area that spans 20 municipalities, 300 000 inhabitants and 20% of Sweden's landmass. Our task is to create new successful innovative growth and export companies from northern Sweden, in close cooperation with Luleå University of Technology and its sister organisations.

Right at the heart of Skellefteå, Sara Cultural centre currently is taking form, one of the tallest timber buildings in the world. Here you are offered a unique meeting place in modern premises that exudes creativity and innovation. Social and cultural activities with a clear connection to the cultural centre are offered as a natural part of the meeting.

Visit Skellefteå is jointly owned by the municipality and the business community in Skellefteå. Our mission is to market, and actively strive to make Skellefteå, through experiences, meetings and events, an attractive visitor destination and an obvious place to live. In collaboration with the municipality, our member companies as well as our residents and visitors, we work to get more people to choose Skellefteå.